"I came into Absolute Wellness Center after having a headache for 3 months.  I wasn't expecting much since I'd been through CAT scans, MRI's, and countless visits to my medical doctor and an allergist.  I had relief after my first adjustment! I had been leery of going to a chiropractor because I didn't want my neck to be cracked.  I was pleased with the low impact adjusting and the percussor that they use!  After 4 weeks of continual treatments, I was rid of my headache. I tell everyone I know about Absolute Wellness Center!"
                                               M. Wagenbach

"I had been in pain for several years, after just a few adjustments with Dr. Amy I am happy to say I have very little pain and lots of pain free moments.  I have gained a lot of mobility and have been able to get more restful sleep at night.  My family and I would like to thank you Dr. Amy and Absolute Wellness Center for all your help in bettering my quality of life."
                                                    T. Lanz

" I look forward to getting my massage from Erika at Absolute Wellness, not only for the relaxation but for the therapeutic benefit.  It helps hold my adjustments longer and keeps me feeling my best!  I have gotten many massages over the years and hers are by far the most effective and the highlight of my week when I know I have one scheduled.  Thank you Erika!"
                                                T. Thomann

"From regular chiropractic adjustments, my one year old stays very healthy and we have been able to treat ear infections naturally!"

"Absolute Wellness has been a vital part of my recovery after two major surgeries.  Following my first surgery I had extensive nerve damage to my left arm.  After a couple adjustments, partial feeling has been restored to my hand and fingers that other medical professionals said I would never regain.  Most recently I was diagnosed with lung cancer, resulting in a surgery removing my a portion of my lung.  Dr. Amy was an important part of my recovery in helping reduce the extreme pain, speed up my recovery and return to my normal daily activities.  Thanks Dr. Amy for being an important part in making me feel so good.  Everyone should visit Dr. Amy at Absolute Wellness----you think you feel good, but you feel BETTER after visiting the office!"
                                                 D. Shelman
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